it’s Saturday September 5th. 2009 and fifteen months ago back on june twentieth I put out a special report called total emergency alert elite are now evacuating. and I break now and how they’re sending MRAP still all the local departments saying you’re ready for civil unrest to fight the Tea Party. pointed out how we’re having all these announcers for world government by the Pope and the rest of it pointed out that the elite were preparing a pulling their money out of stock markets in the USA Europe but especially China .

you now see that’s going to happen I showed you mainstream news articles were elites are
buying armored outs in northern Canada the Ozarks New Zealand the Cook Islands.

I talked about my sources that said all hell is about to break loose by the fall
since then we’ve seen stock markets fall massively around the world starting in
China United States machine private central banks propping it up we see the
Federal Reserve’s decision on increasing or decreasing interest rates sending
shockwaves we are enslaved by the private central banks who are you Jen
assists and who want a world financial collapse they control to consolidate
power so June July August June was one to three months ago june twentieth was
almost three months ago as we sit here and talk in early September two and a
half months ago and look how much has happened on explain something I don’t
want things to collapse even though it’s a bubble weird and we do then we don’t
wanna be clear I’m just telling you what the establishment saying and what the
signs are and we were saying and not just two and a half months ago but six
months ago a year ago five years ago as we saw the signs this bubble is
untenable it’s all based on Fiat fraud but you had to gather all the crises you
must face the fact that corruption has crept into everything and they really
don’t have an attitude of saving humanity but just having a global
economic cultural military
down out of which they get full power they’ve decided try to ride the wave of
chaos and destruction and grease the skids and then get power out of this
shit is insane
it is self-destructive and so I’m reissuing this time to the next level at
a seven before on the Richter scale now like a nine or ten the death cons are
just moving up literally and figuratively so let’s go ahead and go
over some of this evidence right here
here is the video from June 20th shot at my cousins house also on the weekend
came in got set up to cover it because it is so important so go review that
video of yourself there’s an article few days ago the rules are flawed Chinese
stock crash leaves investors cynical central banks from China the United
stage that are owned by private interest are monetizing most of the national debt
they’re the big buyers the Chinese would buy our bonds basically now they’re
dumping and other private investors are that’s what was covering up the
inflation for let’s continue and they think lower and we’ll process things
will come to balance it out
deflation and inflation but all its doing is just bankrupting people that
got social have deflation and in the real economy but inflation in the cost
but that’s what you have an artificial economy it’s beyond inflation of 77 is
an epic financial meltdown over the numbers the world is defenseless against
the next financial crisis that was june 28 28 days after I should mile or
Telegraph they’ve been building all 14 of the seed vaults TN of the arcs
armored without sin frozen areas and and and hard-to-reach areas around the world
the Rockefeller Foundation funding it and they’re building these facilities
are you going to the side of a mountain and then once you’re inside they have
all the base exceeds the world
stored inside the
glaciers and then they also again have animal vaults for humans as well and
other forms of life of the genetics are being stored and the UN and others are
the ones basically running these underground bunkers and these are just
the ones that we know about that I tell the public about this and mainstream
media makes jokes about it doesn’t exist
here’s a mere article regarding article in The Times article about it
panic super rich by bolt holes with private air strips to escape of poor
rise up they know that when food prices become fifty percent of the budget
collapse happens people start riding why do you think there are refugees slamming
by the hundreds of thousands a week into Europe one Greek island as a hundred and
sixty one thousand people on the last month
lesbos and again the globalists know they’ve got the computer actuaries
they’re running this collapse
they’re riding this collapse then you add to that they fired up the Hadron
Collider that even Stephen Hawking and others say could create something that
makes hydrogen bombs look like a joke great black hole strangeloves you name
the planet I’m not saying that’s gonna happen but but this shows how a region
that Atlantean moment whether or not we’re reaching the moment where our
technology and so much advance to elect their to randomly doing low probability
destroy everybody any matter is released that’s one of the problems and the chain
reaction not just our system of equations show continuing here just
going over the reason for concern
harnessing black holes Large Hadron Collider ultimate weapon of mass
destruction here Stephen Hawking worried about things like that as well
wash Stephen Hawking
really set about destroying the universe the famed physicist lover of scientific
and occasional dooms there may be ways rejection our universe to undergo
catastrophic vacuum decay that’s basically what the black hole create
that you’ve got nanotechnology don’t even know how it works now they’ve got
computers assigning it it gets loose probably already got loose everything
else the global students lives they don’t care of nuclear reactors meltdown
now ninety-plus percent of them are leaking just it’s likely the planet or
something they just don’t care about themselves but they’re building are
Madrid out and see vaults but then going forward with stuff that is totally
destroying us all distracting us from carbon taxes over carbon dioxide when
the earth is a carbon starvation mode right now the lowest levels of carbon
dioxide recorded probably in history they’ve got ice core samples where it
was 67 times what is now a few thousand years ago they’ve got samples going back
in blood samples hundreds of millions of years ago when it was thirty forty times
higher for saying tiny increases and we’ve got to stop but overall it’s been
diving cancer over Team food again studies show it’s giving rats camps are
they now admit glyphosate are basically doing that as well they knew this back
on the approved it in the eighties why are they doing this it’s it’s like
they’re here to destroy a superbug threat to human human race more certain
than climate change
absolutely hundreds of thousands are down a year alone on the USS over drug
resistance traits and the illegals are bringing him to call me legals with
drug-resistant TV was just calling migrants 15 super bugs and others carry
diseases CBS News Emily illustrating how everything’s coming to a head and I
don’t know exactly why the leader on into their bunkers and why they’re
gearing up for civil war and other drugs her race war but it’s crazy there’s
different factions good and bad battling with each other for global domination
right now that’s what’s really going on there’s a civil war within the elite
that’s why things are spinning out of control
it’s also just the the time we’ve come to a destiny that the stars are aligning
for our true destined to be decided by all of us collectively that’s why we’re
trying to raise the alarm
raise the debate ring the alarm for the hundredth monkey sendero documented to
where we have a crisis of understanding and people throughout the system
throughout corporations government our daily lives at the low-level make the
right decisions educate others transcend this or at least transcends some of
these crises coming together the cascading and save humanity and
believing in humanity believing we’re beautiful believing we’re good being
honorable standing up against corruption having courage speaking out that’s
what’s going to change the world during a fire has never been more active has
been monitored the last hundred years and the only place it doesn’t trigger
the last decade is along the west coast states set to mega trigger any time it’s
actually over do right now on top of that the russians are sending in fighter
planes and troops publicly now to fight against al-qaida its western-backed in
Syria Donald Trump’s come outside looks like Obama is behind Isis showing that
civil war that the power structure from party knew that so much that we warned
you about not coming out
can the united states stop a war with Russia even coming on saying back off
Russia and the Ukraine situation it’s becoming a major danger for war and then
I mention the quote migrants I feel sorry for these people
serious north africans others placed by Global’s wars but the global using the
crisis they created the flood us with millions of people who will then
destabilize the economy more and be a political voting bloc because of
socialism welfare little vote further take our rights and our liberties again
the global surf or open borders saying it’s our responsibility to take
immigrants if there’s a financial crisis or military crisis at record levels
while they create the crisis again
accelerating the world into conflict into to fight and conquer many obstacles
are seen to us’
taking a large number of Syrian refugees now they just don’t want europe take
millions of refugees they want us to take 65,000 setting a precedent it’s our
meanwhile Isis smugglers says we will use refugee crisis to infiltrate to last
well they actually said that themselves in an announcement for months ago that
they were already infiltrating Europe
these immigrant waves and now using the attacks Charlie Hebdo the other
facilities the train what’s happening at recruiting centers what’s happening in
Garland outside the house this is really going on and it’s just a canary in the
coalmine showing the destabilization so this is a total emergency Howard planned
financial crisis global meltdown accelerating I don’t know we can stop it
I don’t know what tricks up their sleeves but I study the stuff and all
I’m saying is give yourself or your family ready defensively offensively get
out there and warned people and the military’s waking up police are waking
up to have a civil war with them are not perfect by any means but we just need to
be peaceful need to promote liberty to stand up for ourselves but also people
need to get firearms to train with them to get prepared that he did get ready
for self-defense so that’s what it comes down to ladies and gentlemen I don’t
know what else to say I’m gonna post this video
infowars.com prison planet dot com gonna get it out on Facebook and Twitter it
needs to not get you know 1.6 million views I got a channel and a couple
million on other places this video needs to get fifty million views
I’m risking my life bring you the same tell the enemy attacks us everyday major
newspapers and TV for a reason folks we know what we’re talking about this in
the game I am basically playing chicken with a globalist not because I wanna
play chicken because I have to for my family and for honor going head up
against these people this is not again this is deadly serious and people not
taking it serious are going to allow this to come before you as you look at
the evidence
come play games you think the police are freaked out the military’s running
around preparing for civil unrest in admitting our final reason we have a
depression this time tens of millions starve to death seven million pressure
from malnutrition
university studies shouldn’t game folks this is spoiled rotten decadent
population out there but half the population will eat us alive the
producers the giant criminal gangs that have been armed the time bomb ever
wondered how America be taken down at about the same time an organized
worldwide depression shadow radical Islamic armies there to create crises
whatever the government to come in and take liberties the government’s got a
decision on a good people government you want to be collaborators will wake up
and face the facts the corporation’s people who work in them have a decision
to make most importantly look on the mir
writer you look at me look at it let me right there you need to look at that
mere he’d ask yourselves where you stand
he’d ask yourselves what you’re going to do because this is it we don’t get
involved now their test ballooning US are traveling right now they’re testing
and we fail this test are gonna bring into you like Obamacare you like totally
open borders you like being lectured you can’t say mom or dad or boy or girl in
school you live in a call to be a slave to espouse every corner telling you what
to do
gonna be force fed GMOs enforce inoculated we’re already getting gang
raped or play all right you’ve been warned
total emergency alert everybody we are the Paul Revere’s of this age you are
the polar bears in this age race color creed signing off ramp awards dot com
rest is up to you

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